Sunday, July 26, 2009

Winter Song

I ended my holidays with a week away with my family, followed by a weekend visiting a friend in Brisbane. My family and I went to Canberra for three nights and Culburra on the South Coast of NSW for another three nights. My week, including the weekend in Brisbane, can be summed up as follows:

lots of driving with six people in one car, veggie burgers, cute southern towns, bob evans in the cd player, triple j, black trench coat, beanie, cute cousins, pasta, mattress, winter cold, strepsils, cold and flu tablets, tea, markets, parliament house, choc-coated strawberries, thai, lookouts, picnics, museum, catching up with family, lots and lots of tea, chilly nights and warm mornings, tacos, americanisms, packing the trailer, lunch by the water, sea-saws, house on the cliff-side, sleeping in an attic come bedroom, vegan applie pie, vegan ice-cream, sunshine and ocean, gilmore girls, french film, a gorgeous puppy called babe, awkward cousin, more picnicing, kangaroo valley, peanut butter cups, lolly shops, pituresque towns, chai tea at the lookout, cute shops, news of my friend giving birth, comforting a good friend via telephone, whipped cream from a can, flight to brisbane, eclipse mints, party preparation, cupcake baking and decorating, omlettes, birthday picnic in the park, pink and blue balloons, pink champagne, veggie sausages, sponge cake, good company, stiry fry, sleeping on the couch, shopping, homeward bound flight.

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