Sunday, December 28, 2008

Upon Arrival

1. This is my meal on the plane ride to Japan. One of the great things about being a vegetarian (among many) is that you get your meal before everyone else and they can all smell it and get heaps jealous! The plane ride was 10 hours, through the night. I didn't get much sleep as I was too anxious ... and itchy! Yucko.

2. This is the first glimpse we got of Suburban Tokyo from our bus which drove us from Narita Airport to Atsugi City which took about two hours. We were all so exhausted and trying to stay awake as there was so much to look at out the window! I found the road ways in Tokyo pretty amazing. There were lots of roads built up like bridges and you could look down and all the houses were underneath you.

3. After we arrived at our accommodation in Atsugi, we went on a mission to find food. We were absolutely starving. This is taken as we walked to the city centre for the first time. This walk became quite familiar as we did it several times a day. We noticed a change in the leaves during the time we were there as Autumn turned to winter.

4. Vending machines! The first of many... soo many. They were on literally every corner and inside buildings as well. Even in older suburban streets you would still find them. The beverages inside were always exciting! For example: grape Fanta, Mint Julip drink and Pink Grapefruit! Yum.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i don't know where to begin

but ... i shall start with saying a big merry christmas to you all ! i hope it was nice and relaxing and that you ate as much as i did.

since we last spoke i have been a busy traveler. japan was incredible and i cannot begin to explain all the things i did. blogging about each thing would be impossible (well, not literally) so i have decided to blog randomly with a picture and details about that particular event or moment as i feel like it.
since my return to aus i've been a busy little beaver with lots of trip between home in the country and newcastle.. as well as a 21st in sydney, a little holiday on the coast with some friends from uni and christmas with the family on the coast as well.
overall it's been very packed and fun filled.

today i've been reflecting on the year that's been. significant occurunces include:

-my 20th birthday
-a trip to tasmania with boyfriend's family for a wedding
-moving in with my brother
-commencing my 2nd year at uni and a new course to go with that
-a major falling out with a once best friend and consequently feeling much better for it, eventually
-scoring myself the best job in the world, and later losing it when they closed
-learning japanese for one semester
-seeing angus and julia stone <3
-changing my hair colour to brown from blonde
-giving up drinking for the winter
-overcoming my fear of public speaking
-making some gorgeous new friends from uni
-visits from afar from two of my besties
-finding out that i was going to be going to japan!
-having my car almost stolen right before my eyes
-becoming a gym junkie
-becoming a vegetarian!!
-selling my car!

so, overall, i would have to say it's been a darn eventful, yet amazing year :)

p.s the picture above was taken by myself in tokyo on an outing with my host family. i didn't get to go on that ride but it looked pretty amazing.