Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feast on this!

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So, I am not usually one to boast or exaggerate (cough!) but, seriously, I have the best job in the world.

Upon moving to Newcastle I stumbled across the cutest shop in history (I told you I don't like to exaggerate) called Grevillia Design, just a skip and a jump down the road from my house. Okay, backtracking, at first I admired from the outside because it was closed the times I ventured down there.

BUT, one day after running some errands (Centrelink and the like), I found it was open! I spent a long long time in there admiring everything: vintage furniture, kooky retro homewares (lots of burnt orange), disco high heels, clutch bags, HANDMADE womens and children's clothing made from vintage fabrics (!). There was so much to look at, I was in awe.

After spending way too much time in there, to the point where I felt the store owner was getting annoyed, I went out on a limb and decided to ask her if there were any jobs available.
And let's just say I'm damn well glad I asked. She told me that she was indeed after a casual who could do weekends, and she asked me to come back the next day with my resume.
To be honest, I think I pretty much had it in the bag when I walked in there (again, I don't like boasting).

So I started about a week later and honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better job. I am allowed to bring in any uni work that I needed to do, make mix CD's of my liking to listen to, eat copious amounts of sweet biscuits and just generally chill out. What about the whole 'working' aspect, I hear you ask? Well, most of the time it wasn't overly busy but yet I still manage to sell a suprisingly good amount and there's always tidying to do - one of the many perks of retail (I swear I'm not rolling my eyes).

And my boss - Jennifer - is so amazing. She is SO lovely, something I wasn't accustomed to from my previous jobs where I'd been brought to tears by bitchy managers and such. She is amazingly generous too, always willing to fit in with my needs with uni etc. Another example of her generosity - this week she put out this amazing c1950s olive green chair with wooden legs. It's so cute and very 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. So I was eyeing it off and told her I was going to put it out the back in case someone snapped it up before I made up my mind. Today, I decided I would buy it and upon telling my boss, she said 'No no no! I'm going to give you that, you can have it'.. FOR FREE. So amazingly generous of her. So now it's sitting here in my room looking ever so cute. Exhibit A):

But now to the sad news. About two weeks ago, an outrageous thing happened. The store (as in the actual building) was sold. Now you might want to sit down before I continue. It was sold to KFC!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!! They plan to knock down the building to extend the car park/drive through (now I am actually rolling my eyes). It's an absolute outrage; so much that I am considering approaching A Current Affair with the story (no, not really). So, we basically have no choice but to close. We have a month left and the future is uncertain. My boss hopes to find something else, but that can't really be guranteed. Plus, she is wanting to (understabdibly) have some time off after we close. So that leaves me...job hunting! I can hope that in the future, if she DOES find somewhere new I would be approached to work there again, but, poor uni student as I am (and currently on the hunt for a new car) I am going to find something else in the meantime.

Now, feast your eyes upon some pictures I took at work the other day.
Enjoy :)


Blogging is a funny thing. To me, as a an aspiring journalist, I have found that there are so many ways to become a published writer these days. The ideal of a 'writer' is now a widely used term and subsequently the ideal of a professional writer, who has worked towards their title by means of degree or training, whether it be a novelist or a journalist, has become hard to define.

Despite all this, I have decided to enter blog-dom. You can never have enough distractions, right?

Enjoy :)